Looking for a fun, instagram-ready project to get you through these next few months? We've got you covered with our Grow Your Own Succulents Kit!

We have a constant rotation of over 40 different species of succulents at our studios, and we're ready to help you diversify your succulent collection! Whether you like the classic look of a picture-perfect Echeveria or you're looking to spice things up with a funky Kalanchoe, we're here to help you pimp out your terrariums with some new additions!

Our Grow Your Own Succulent kits are fun for everyone, including the kids! #teachthempatience

We'll send you a container, our own special-blended succulent soil (to promote happy, healthy succulent growth!), and a bundle of succulent leaves that are ready to be arranged into a propagation showpiece! We'll also include directions and helpful hints to get you started!

Propagating succulents is a low-maintenance deal, and you'll see progress on a weekly basis. We can't wait to see what you grow!