Your Sipping Plant event was a blooming success, and you have an awesome new terrarium to display in your home. Now what? You've done the digging and designing, now it's time to give your tabletop terrarium a little TLC.


We lovingly refer to them as "suckers for sunlight" because they love soaking up the rays, but if you don’t have that perfect sunny spot, don’t worry! Succulents thrive in artificial light too! Whether it’s artificial light or good ol’ sunshine, you'll want to give your succulents plenty of light to keep them happy and healthy. We recommend 6 hours of direct sunlight or 10 hours of artificial light each day, so park them in front of a window or under a nice, bright lamp, and let them soak it up! You’ll know they’re not getting enough light if they start stretching - that means growing tall very quickly and getting white or light in color at the stem! If you see these signs, move them somewhere with more light or bring in an additional lamp!

While succulents crave light, they’re not as big on water. We recommend you use 1/4 cup of water per plant each time you water. You’ll want to pour it on in two doses to let the soil absorb the water at a slower pace, This helps the water reach the deepest part of the roots. As soon as the dirt is completely dry, it’s time to water! A good way to tell if your plants need water is to stick your finger into the dirt a little bit near the base of your plant. If the dirt feels cold at all, it is still holding some moisture and does not need new water added. Overwatering is the easiest way to kill your new friends, so be sure to wait for the soil to dry out completely before adding any water back to your terrarium! If you don’t want to have to guess, you can purchase a moisture meter to check the soil more accurately.

Last but not least, find a special place in your home to show off your creation!

Show us where you display your succulents using the hashtag #TheSippingPlant - we can't wait to see them!